Simon Navarro

Simon Navarro, 80, came to the United States from Mexico to work in 2001. Since then, he’s worked construction full-time.

That was, until he suffered a stroke.

After his stroke, Simon admitted to Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute for inpatient rehabilitation. The goal was to help Simon regain his function and therefore, his independence.
After three weeks of hard work, Simon graduated from the inpatient therapy program. He continues to participate in outpatient therapy at MRI to further his recovery.

Key to Simon’s success has been the support of his loving family. His daughters have been fully involved in his rehab. This enables them to help Simon further his progress at home. During Simon’s family conference with his case manager, 12 family members showed up!

Today, Simon can walk 17 feet without assistance and continues to progress in his recovery. We’re so proud of Simon, and know he’ll thrive with such loving support!