Lydia Espejo

Success Story

Lydia Espejo is a stay-at-home wife who enjoys her everyday routines like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and spending time with her two dogs. One afternoon after a long day, Lydia took a nap. When her husband arrived home, he found her having difficulty moving and talking. He rushed her to the hospital where it was confirmed that she had suffered a stroke.

During her initial recovery, the hospital provided the family with options for inpatient rehabilitation facilities. The case manager recommended Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute (MRI) and ensured Lydia that she would receive the care she needed.

“The recommendation to come to MRI was great,” Lydia says. “The nurses are great, and the hospital is clean. During my rehabilitation, the staff handled every issue perfectly.”

Lydia has been through a challenging time, but is on a positive path toward recovery. She says that Abby, Lindsey, and Tina from the therapy team have been instrumental in her progress, especially with speech therapy. “Their encouragement and patience have made a significant difference in my rehabilitation,” she says. “I also have had support from my husband and two children, Theodore and Kathia. Having encouragement, patience, and support from loved ones and a caring medical team can be a powerful motivator in recovery.”

Lydia says she’s ready to return to her life and daily routines. She recommends MRI because of the excellent care and support she has experienced.