Melissa Mabe

Success Story

Fifty-nine-year-old Melissa Mabe is full-time Uber and Lyft driver. Recently, she suffered a stroke and was admitted to a hospital and put on a mechanical ventilator to help with her breathing.

During her initial recovery, she was referred to Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute (MRI) for continued specialized rehabilitative care. “The hospital is close to my home, which I’m grateful for,” Melissa says.

While at MRI, Melissa continues to improve every day. She says that speech therapist Abby, physical therapist Gina, and occupational therapist Hung, have greatly aided in her recovery. She thanks God for her progress so far, and appreciates that her husband has been a source of motivation throughout her recovery.

For Melissa, success means achieving 100% recovery and continuing with therapy every day until she reaches that goal. Since her stroke, she has given up smoking, which she believes may have contributed to her stroke.

Melissa now looks forward to returning to a normal life, spending more time with her husband, and sharing her story.